Duck meat has a strong reputation for being an ingredient of classy, sophisticated dishes and special occasions. Therefore, it might be a bit odd to think that it’s something you can turn into a light meal you can quickly partake on a busy day.

The truth, however, is that this is very much possible and can be a boon to people who want to try duck meat but can’t afford a lot of time to sit down and savor through a multiple-course dinner. Here are three well-known dishes that you can then pack as you head to work, and all are enjoyable within just a few memorable bites.

Duck Sandwiches

One should not underestimate the number of ways these can be prepared. You can have a club sandwich with meat stripped off of a well-grilled duck breast. Some sandwiches also make use of shredded meat from a leftover duck dinner.

And of course, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the meat itself but also the kind of sauce you can layer it with (from simple mayonnaise to a rich blend of hoisin sauce, spices and sugar). Looking up duck sandwiches alone can present you with dozens of recipes you can prepare at home and then enjoy while working the next day.

Peking Duck Wraps

It is quite possible to not order a whole Peking duck just to have a taste of it that you can savor for a quick lunch. In fact, one Chinese restaurant in New York has made it quite a signature dish. But of course, there’s no harm in checking out other similar dishes at our own local restaurant scene.

Alternatively, you can certainly try making something similar yourself with other Asian-style roasted ducks so you’re not eating the whole thing in one sitting. The little pancakes used in more traditional Peking duck servings can still be bought and prepared yourself. After that, all that’s left is to carve the meat and skin, wrap it up along with some scallions and Chinese sauces and there you go!

Crispy Duck Skin Cracklings

Lastly, if what you’re craving is more of a little snack than a meal, duck cracklings are a sure hit. They can certainly be pretty fatty and best eaten in moderation, but you can definitely expect all the mouth-watering goodness of duck skin preserved in crackling form.
You’d usually discover how to make these cracklings as a way to make use of the leftover skin after rendering off duck fat. For good measure, don’t hesitate to use a bit of salt and a dash of seasoning. They also don’t spoil overnight, so you can also just store them away for tomorrow’s snack!

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