Duck legs can really make for a rich, luxurious meal but they tend to be outshone sometimes by breasts. (It also doesn’t help when people think duck legs and chicken drumsticks are one and the same. They are not!)

Serving these up for a special dinner will certainly turn it into a memorable evening, if you know the best ways these legs are done. Here are the top three types of recipes you can look into if you want to have a go!

1. Grilled or BBQ Duck Legs

Just like the breasts, duck legs can also be grilled or barbecued. Marinating them beforehand is a particularly important step. Consider mixing that marinade based on the ingredients used in Chinese cuisine. Like a mix of five-spice, hoisin sauce, soy sauce etc.

And for the best results, you can’t go wrong marinating the legs overnight! As for when it’s time to grill, take your time and follow the usual rule of making sure the skin is crispy while the meat is golden brown.

2. Duck Confit

Confit is the most classical and iconic of duck leg recipes. Be prepared for a lot of the patience and hard work involved to get it right. Recipes for this dish generally involve preparing the legs with a bit of pricking (for better flow of heat and fat), followed by salting and then a slow, gentle roast.

You’d usually put on an extra helping of duck fat for the process too (be it from the duck’s main body or store-bought). Still, there is nothing quite like the moist taste of duck meat and crispy skin all coming off the bone.

3. Shredded Roasted Duck Legs

Roasted duck legs are similar to confit, but are not necessarily as time-intensive to prepare. In fact, if you already have experience roasting a whole duck, then this is just a scaled-down version! The only thing you need to keep in mind is where to score the meat. Know when the duck is finally cooked before completely taking it out of the oven.

And once done, you can expect the meat to come off the bone quite easily and shred it up for sandwiches, salads and anything else that strikes your fancy.

All in all, these stubby little legs are just as delectable as duck breasts and deserve their own time in your culinary spotlight. All you need is a bit of patience and creativity!

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