Bio Security

Biosecurity is essential in reducing the risks of disease at farm level, from contamination through to widespread infections.

Our farm mangers take a systematic approach to protect all our flocks from disease, managing all controls and risk areas to keep the flocks disease free. This ensures that should a breakout of endemic diseases ever occur, our farmers will be prepared to limit the impact on our flocks.

At Pepe’s our approach is to design, implement and maintain an excellent biosecurity system to ensure that health, welfare and food safety are thoroughly maintained.

We uphold the most effective biosecurity measures in association with the Australian Duck Meat Association, including:

  • Control of rodents, insects and wild birds
  • Control of vehicular traffic and equipment movement
  • Control of stock movement
  • Control of people movement
  • Control of inputs (e.g. feed, nutrition, water)
  • Efficient cleaning and sanitation procedures
  • Comprehensive sampling and testing program
  • Implementation of suitable response action plans

Pepe’s Ducks was the proud recipient of the Australian Biosecurity Farmer of the Year Award.


Pepe’s has a comprehensive auditing system in place to ensure biosecurity procedures are maintained on our farms.

Our auditing system meets the standards of ADMA (Australian Duck Meat Association) and the NSW Food Authority.

Australian Biosecurity Farmer of the Year

Australian Livestock Producer of the Year – Finalist

NSW Farmer of the Year – Finalist

Bayle (France) Asia Pacific Customer Excellence Award

Perth Royal Branded Poultry Silver Award