Fillet with Apricot Sauce

Place fillets skin side down on a cold pan.
Start with the cold pan, heat it up so that the fat renders and the skin turn crispy.
Duck fat is high in fighting mono and saturated fats, it has fat on it to protect it from the water just like a deep-sea fish.
Cook for four to five minutes on each side until golden brown.
Once they are golden brown on both sides, pop them into an oven-proof dish.
Place the duck into the oven.
Bake at 180 degrees for approximately 15 minutes.
Apple, apricot and sweet chilli sauce.
The apple sauce and apricot jam are both made in Australia.
Four tablespoons of the apple sauce, two tablespoons of apricot jam, one tablespoon of the sweet chilli but if you like chilli add an extra one.
Take the whisk and just mix all the ingredients together till they are blended.
Earlier I prepared some vegetables, we have some carrots, and we have some broccolini and beans along with our sauce.
I take the sauce and I like to give it a nice little fanning spoon, like so, I don’t like it to spoil the crispy skin.
Then I take one of the duck fillets and I like always to slice it on an angle.

Whole Roast Duck

Vegetables can include pumpkin, carrot, potato, sweet potato or a combination of vegetables of
your choice. Peel and cut the vegetables and place into a baking dish.

To prepare the duck take a jug of boiling water and pour it over the duckTake the duck out of the water and place it on a bed of prepared vegetables in a baking dish
Cover the duck generously with salt
Cook for 1 and ½ hours at 180 0 C in a fan forced oven.

We have used a 2.3kg (size 23) duck for this recipe. Please refer to the instructions on the
packaging for the correct time for the size duck you are cooking. A guide is 15-20 minutes
per 500gm, ensuring the duck is fully cooked before eating.

Prepare the sauce
Combine 1 cup of chicken stock, ½ cup of red wine and 4 tbs of Raspberry Jam in a heatproof
bowl or saucepan
Mix the ingredients and bring to the boil. Simmer until the sauce thickens
Remove the duck and roast vegetables from the oven.
Slice the duck meat and serve drizzled with the prepared sauce

Easy Duck Confit Maryland with Duck Fat

Easy Confit Marylands in the Pepe’s duck fat.
Place the duck Marylands into the tray.
Pour a kettle of boiling water onto the duck Marylands. This prepares the fat and the skin for baking.
Remove the water from the tray and pat the Marylands dry.
Apply plenty of salt.
Melt the duck fat in the microwave and pour into the pan. Just so the skin stays out and the meat side is submerged. Sometimes you might need more than one container.
Place in the oven at 160 degrees celsius for an hour and a half (160 degrees for 90 minutes).
You can pour the excess duck fat into a container and use again.
When looking at the product, you can see the clarity of the fat.
Duck has fat on it to protect it from the water just like a deep-sea fish.
Duck fat is high in fighting mono and saturated fats.

Easy Veggies and Herbs in Duck Fat

Cooking vegetable wedges in a lovely duck fat with a nice little recipe of rosemary, chives and garlic.
Cut the vegetables into wedges.
Mix rosemary, chives and garlic in a little bowl.
Pour the Pepe’s Duck Fat into the seasoning and give it a good mix.
Pour the mixture to the vegetables and mix them well.
Place in oven at 180 degrees for 60 minutes.

Heat & Eat Maryland

This product comes fresh and frozen and the frozen product is 14 minutes in the microwave to heat and the fresh is only 6 minutes in the microwave.
Simple easy and convenient but most of all delicious.
Just open up the box.
Take out the pouch.
Snip the corner.
Put it in a microwave dish and then pop it in the microwave.
We’re going to do it on 900, and because it’s the fresh packet, it’s only on for 6 minutes.
I previously prepared a pumpkin salad to go with the duck.
Be cautious when you’re opening the packet, it’s really hot.

Heat & Eat Curry

Today I’m going to show you one of our new convenient Thai Red Duck curry products. It’s simply heat and eat.
This is the Thai Red Curry. It’s a beautiful flavour that’s not too spicy. The great thing about this product is it comes in frozen packs and fresh packs.  14 minutes in the microwave if frozen and 6 minutes if fresh. Make sure the microwave is set to 900 watts.
You simply open the box, take out the sachet. Now the sachet serves two. When it’s fresh, simply snip the end, pop it in a microwave proof dish and pop it in the microwave. I’m gonna set the microwave for 900 watts and put the duck curry into the microwave and set it to six minutes.
Earlier I prepared some rice for the base of the curry. Always be cautious because the curry is steaming, and it can be very hot. So, I just open the packet and tip it in to the pyrex dish. Spoon the hot Thai Duck curry on to the bed of rice. As you can see it’s two very generous serves.

Duck Fillet Royale

Smoked Fillet Salad

Simply cut open the packet and take the fillets out.
Slice one smoked duck fillet.
We will use some lettuce leaves.
Pepe’s smoked duck sliced.
Some lovely fresh pears sliced up.
Goat’s cheese cut into cubes.
And some glazed balsamic.
Assemble on a plate. Put the lettuce leaves, then the pears, followed by the goat’s cheese and finally drizzle with the glaze balsamic.