Company Overview

Pepe’s Ducks has grown from a tiny duck farm in Eastern Creek, NSW, to one of the industry leaders in duck production across Australia and New Zealand.

The company was founded by Pepe Bonaccordo in 1976, from his small backyard in NSW; where Pepe bred and raised his first ever duck.

Now Pepe’s Ducks produces as many as 80,000 ducks a week, a large jump from the 22 ducks and four drakes Pepe started out with.

As a family owned and run business, Pepe’s Ducks prides itself on operating on strong company values, where its people are the heart of the business. This dedication and love of the job ensures that every duck to leave Pepe’s is of the highest quality and standards.

It’s a brand that has been built on quality, value, service, innovation and trust – the recognition of which is reflected on the many awards Pepe’s Ducks have been honoured to receive over the years.

Pepe’s Ducks are also proud to have been the foundation member of the Australian Duck Meat Association, of which they are still instrumental in today, and involved in the development of the Farm Biosecurity Manual for the Duck Meat Industry. Looking after their ducks takes number one priority over anything else and that’s why Pepe’s can proudly call themselves a leader in the Australian duck production market.

Australian Biosecurity Farmer of the Year

Australian Livestock Producer of the Year – Finalist

NSW Farmer of the Year – Finalist

Bayle (France) Asia Pacific Customer Excellence Award

Perth Royal Branded Poultry Silver Award