Because of its reputation as a high-class ingredient, not many people would give much thought about duck meat’s nutritional value. Most of us would think it is as a rich, fatty and luxuriously delicious menu item that not many can actually eat all the time. Why would it matter?

Well, the reality is that duck meat consumption has been rising considerably in the last several years. More people are finding more affordable ways to prepare delicious roasts at home while also knowing the tricks to cutting down its costs by making the most of the whole bird.

There is also the fact that it can be surprisingly affordable in some countries. Put all that together, and enjoying some grilled duck on a regular basis isn’t actually that impossible.

That just leaves the question: What nutrition does your body gain out of this? Well, here are three of the best things you can get from a nice piece of duck.

1. Selenium

This is one of the essential minerals that play a very critical role in your body’s functions. Specifically, selenium serves as an antioxidant. It also plays a significant part in your thyroid gland by ensuring your body’s developing right and your metabolism is healthy.

2. Omega Fatty Acids

The fat in duck dishes will always be a cause for concern. However, it is still important to recognise that not all fat is equal or bad. There are also healthy fats in duck meat that provide important omega fatty acids. These acids help the body absorb other nutrients, and can even improve skin health!

3. Protein

Duck meat’s unique constitution allows it to be a lean meat that is surprisingly rich in protein that is on par with red meats like beef. This can go especially for darker portions like the breasts. And as always, it pays to remember that duck’s protein richness won’t come at the cost of marbled fat because it is much easier to render off!

So if you are interested in adding duck to your diet but still don’t quite know what you’re getting, then these three can help spell it out. Duck is a very potent ingredient that can really do wonders for your protein intake, healthy fats and also play no small part to your growth and metabolism. Enjoy it!

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