If you just bought a whole duck but want to try something other than the usual roast, then a big meat pie is also another incredible idea to try in your kitchen.

Now, the size of the pie is obviously going to depend on the size of the bird. However, what else do you need to know? There are probably dozens of different ways you can mix up the meat pie filling. Which ones do you try first? Will you need gravy and what kind of spices should you use?

Well, to keep it simple, here are a few handy tips that can help you quickly prepare and understand just about any duck meat pie recipe.

#1. Get the right pan.

If you think that all you need is a pie plate, think again. You have to make sure that this plate is good for distributing the heat evenly without overcooking the filling inside. Some recipes even use a springform pan instead just to ensure the pie is secured and comes out firmly shaped.

#2. Learn how to soften the meat.

The best way to prepare duck meat for a pie is to make it moist and soft enough that you can shred it off the bone. Plenty of recipes often just list the legs or the breasts, but there’s nothing wrong with prepping a whole roast duck to put into a pie. All that matters is that you made the meat tender enough for filling.

#3. Use duck fat for the pie crust.

Duck fat can add an incredible taste when used as a substitute for butter and that applies when preparing the pie dough. It also goes without saying that you need to know the basics of making the crust. Learn to know the right way to seal it and cut it before putting it into the oven.

#4. Use duck sausages for extra filling.

If you think the filling could just use a little bit more in it, then using a few duck sausages will do the trick. Mixing in some bits of bacon, carrots or mushrooms can also help as well. The spice mixes used in sausages can be an easier way to flavour the pie if you’re not sure about mixing sauces or gravies just yet.

On a final note, a fairly large meat pie can serve as a week’s worth of food if you portion it well enough. That means you can spend one whole afternoon to get it done right and then save up on cooking time for the next several days. It is definitely another delicious way to make the most out of a whole bird.

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