Duck is an ingredient with a very unique composition that allows it to combine spectacularly with other ingredients in its own recipes. It’s got the juicy tenderness of steak while its fat adds spectacular flavour either to the meat itself, or to a number of other ingredients when cooked as an oil.

However, there is also no shortage of delectable side dishes and garnishings that work splendidly for a duck dinner. If you want to do something extra for your next meal, then consider one of these three excellent items.

1. Vegetables

There’s nothing wrong with adding a healthy dose of greens to compliment the duck’s meat. Salads are a good start, but you can also try the many ways you can roast or bake vegetables. You could do this by using the duck fat as an oil for great flavour but regular butter isn’t quite bad either! Some of the best vegetables that go with duck include carrots, brussel sprouts, leeks and cabbages.

2. Honey and Fruits

If you’re looking for something more on the sweet side, then you definitely can’t go wrong with fruits and honey. Honey is obviously an excellent glaze for all sorts of meats and duck is no exception. Meanwhile, fruits like apples and gooseberry make for great sauces. Don’t be afraid to start small with recipes that just use one of these ingredients along with a few spices. Eventually, you’ll find one particular combination that will satisfy!

3. Potatoes

And of course, we can’t forget the classic pairing with potatoes (particularly the ones you roast in the duck fat). Potatoes are simply great at absorbing flavour. And with the right seasonings, your cooking can really go places with it. You can also try different cuts whether it’s potato chips, fries, or even mashed salads!

On a final note, make sure that, whichever you try, never forget the importance of using spices to really bring out the flavours of these ingredients. It’s not just the duck that needs seasoning after all! So, when you’re out shopping to make a duck dinner that makes another bold step, make sure to plan it out well. There are so many possibilities with what goes well with it!

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